In-Custody Death Investigation

October 29, 2008

Los Angeles:  Officers detained a subject who was possibly suffering from mental illness died despite emergency treatment by rescue ambulance personnel.

On October 27, 2008, just after 8:00 a.m., Officers Joel Gutierrez and Alan Ghasserani, each with 5 years and 7 months on the Department, responded to a radio call concerning a disturbed male on the Corner of Sepulveda Boulevard and Basset Street.  As the officers were responding to the location, the officers were requested to respond with red lights and siren.

The officers located the subject in the Valley Presbyterian Hospital parking lot, disoriented and lying on his back.  He repeatedly stated that he needed shelter from “the earthquake.”  The subject submitted to arrest without the need for force; the officers handcuffed the subject and requested a rescue ambulance.  The officers assisted the subject to his feet and walked him to their police car.  

A few moments later, Sergeant Kyle Campbell along with Officers Jose Saldana and Daniel Schneider arrived at the scene.  Due to the subject’s actions, Sergeant Campbell determined that the use of hobble restraint was appropriate and the hobble was applied to the subject’s ankles.  As the subject was placed in a sitting position; paramedics arrived and examined him.  They determined that the subject had stopped breathing.

Due to the proximity of Valley Presbyterian Hospital, the subject was taken to the emergency room.  While at the hospital, the subject was resuscitated and regained consciousness for a short time, but was pronounced dead by the attending physician at 3:15 p.m.

The subject has been identified as 45-year old Anthony Brookman.

Force Investigation Division personnel responded and are conducting an In Custody Death investigation.