In-Custody Death Investigation

November 20, 2008

Los Angeles:  Los Angeles Police Department’s Force Investigation Division is investigating an in custody death, which occurred at 77th Street Jail.

On November 18, 2008 at about 7 p.m., 77th Division officers were patrolling the area near 1720 West 45th Street when a man “flagged” them down to stop.  The man reported that he was a victim of domestic violence.

The officers conducted an investigation and later arrested the suspect without incident.  The suspect, Alfred Burks was taken to 77th Street Jail to be booked.  During the booking process, Burks became ill and the officers took him to the jail dispensary for treatment.  Burks’condition worsened and Los Angeles Fire Department medical personnel were called.

Burks was transported to a local hospital and was later pronounced dead.  

Force Investigation Division personnel responded and are conducting an In Custody Death Investigation.