In Custody Death NR12420ne

September 5, 2012

Los Angeles: On July 23, 2012, at around 4:30 p.m., Pacific Division area patrol officers responded to a radio call to back up Los Angeles Fire Department personnel on a belligerent male later identified as Michael Reisenaur.  They were attempting to medically evaluate him.

Mr. Reisenaur was found in a drainage wash basin just south of the 4800 block of Lincoln Boulevard.  According to the LAPD officers, LAFD personnel advised them that Mr. Reisenaur was uncooperative and was throwing objects at them.  Fire Department personnel had Mr. Reisenaur pinned to the ground and requested that the officers handcuff him for their safety.

Mr. Reisenaur was handcuffed without force and shortly afterwards began to display difficulty in breathing.  The handcuffs were immediately removed and cardiopulmonary resuscitation was initiated by LAFD, who transported Mr. Reisenaur to a local hospital.  Mr. Reisenaur failed to respond to emergency medical treatment and was pronounced dead.  No force was used by the officers and he was never placed under arrest.

Force Investigation Division (FID) personnel responded and will conduct a thorough investigation.