International Women’s Day NR21065ne

March 8, 2021

Los Angeles: In honor of women throughout our country and state, the Los Angeles Police Department would like to acknowledge and recognize all the exceptional women, both past and present on International Women’s Day, which is recognized on March 8th. The achievements by women in all professions and aspects of society have served to highlight the positive changes that passion, service, and compassion can bring. In the law enforcement profession in this country, women have demonstrated strength, leadership, competence, and honor and their work has served as a catalyst for positive change while inspiring all from every background to be better.

In the Los Angeles Police Department, women have made tremendous gains in all facets of police work and assignments and have demonstrated that their performance is a fundamental part of our LAPD story. In 1910, Ms. Alice Stebbins-Wells pioneered this accomplishment as the first female LAPD police officer. From trailblazers in the early 1900’s to current innovators in 21st Century relationship-based policing, women in the LAPD continue to challenge the status quo and bring to life the LAPD’s commitment to gender diversity, opportunity, and advancement.

The LAPD remains committed to opportunity and advancement and the last two recruitment classes were composed of over 50 percent women. Although the LAPD is comprised of over 18 percent women as compared to the national average of 12 percent for other law enforcement agencies, the LAPD strives to live up to our core value, Quality Through Continuous Improvement and prioritize hiring more women.

As the Chief of Police, join me in celebrating International Women’s Day as I look forward to a continued commitment to ensure an environment of inclusion and diversity while raising awareness of the work that remains to be done in ensuring gender equality.