Jackie Robinson’s 1953 Championship Ring Recovered

April 29, 2002

"Jackie Robinson’s 1953 Championship Ring Recovered "
Los Angeles: On April 25, 2002, the Los Angeles Police Department’s Burglary Auto Theft Division received a phone call from a local pawnshop owner regarding a stolen baseball championship ring that once belonged to baseball legend Jackie Robinson.
Steve Jacobson of Steve’s Pawnshop, located at 3800 South Western Blvd in Los Angeles, told LAPD detectives he was alerted to the origination of the jeweled item in his store inventory by a nephew of Robinson’s brother-in-law. The unidentified nephew came into the pawnshop and said that the ring had been stolen from his uncle’s home.
LAPD Burglary Detectives contacted Charles Raymond of Los Angeles, who said that the ring with the inscription "Jackie Robinson" was the Brooklyn Dodger’s National League Championship Ring presented to Robinson in 1953. Raymond said he received the ring from his sister, the widow of the baseball star. Raymond also said he suspected a neighbor, who was hired to do odd jobs at his residence, had stolen the valuable and historic gold band. LAPD Pawnshop Unit Detectives investigated and determined that 21 year-old Miguel Rodriguez of Los Angeles was responsible for the theft, and that Rodriguez had pawned the ring on December 6, 2001 for $100.00.
Rodriguez was arrested for Grand Theft and is being held at the Men’s Los Angeles County Jail in lieu of $20,000.00 bail. Photos of the 1953 Championship Ring are available for media use at LAPD Media Relations, 213-485-3586.
Anyone with information is urged to call the Burglary Auto Theft Division at 213-485-2525. During off-hours or weekends call the 24-hour toll free number at the Detective Information Desk, 1-877-LAWFULL, 1-877-526-3855.
This press release was prepared by Officer Jack Richter, Media Relations Section, 213-485-3586.