John W. Mack Elected President Of The Los Angeles Police Commission And Andrea Sheridan Ordin Elected Vice President

August 20, 2009

Los Angeles – Today, the members of the Los Angeles Police Commission elected John W. Mack as President, and Andrea Sheridan Ordin as Vice President.  The term for President is one year with the possibility of an additional year.  Other members of the Los Angeles Police Commission are Alan Skobin and Robert Saltzman.   All Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor and may serve up to two, five-year terms.  Police Commissioners are not compensated for their work on the Board and average 20 hours per week working on police related matters.

   “I am honored to serve again as President of the Police Commission,” stated President Mack.   “The coming year at LAPD holds many challenges and opportunities, and I am looking forward to further enhancing the LAPD’s relationship with the many diverse communities it serves. First on the Commission’s plate will be the selection of candidates from which the Mayor will appoint a new Chief of Police.  Chief Bratton accomplished historic work at LAPD and literally transformed it into a premiere law enforcement agency that sets the bar for others to follow.  My fellow Commissioners and I now have the responsibility to push those accomplishments even further through the appointment process of a new Chief.”

Vice President Sheridan Ordin stated, “It’s an honor to have served with each member of this Commission. Together, we have accomplished a great deal in the last four years, yet there is more to do.  We are finally close to our goal of ensuring all patrol cars are equipped with digital video cameras and responding to issues of biased policing with openness.”

President Mack was appointed to the Police Commission by Mayor Villaraigosa in 2005. Commissioner Mack served for two years as President and was followed by Commissioner Anthony Pacheco, who also served two years. President Mack is the former President of the Los Angeles Urban League (1969 to 2005).  Vice President Sheridan Ordin was also appointed to the Police Commission by Mayor Villaraigosa in 2005.  A former United States Attorney, she is Senior Counsel in the Los Angeles office of Morgan Lewis, a full service law firm with offices throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.