Juveniles Arrested for Burglary/Vandalism to Van Nuys Senior Citizen

August 30, 1999

Monday, August 30, 1999
On the evening of August 23, 1999, at approximately 11:30 PM, suspects broke into the apartment building located at the 15900 block of Sherman Way, primarily occupied by senior citizens. Once inside, the suspects attempted to break into several coin operated laundry machines, stole several fire extinguishers, and severely vandalized portions of the building. Several signs were ripped down or broken, and numerous walls were marked with graffiti, including tagger graffiti specifically threatening to the senior residents.

Extensive press coverage surrounding the incident led to a telephone call to Van Nuys Detectives by the mother of a possible suspect, who believed that her son might be involved because of his reaction to the news story.

On August 24, 1999, at approximately 2:00 PM, a fourteen-year-old resident of Van Nuys was arrested for the crime of burglary and vandalism. At the time of his arrest, the subject was in possession of items of evidence, which connect him to the use of the tag name "Minor," and membership in the tagger crew T.C.K., which was marked on the walls of the senior citizens’ residence.

Information developed during this arrest led to the arrest of two additional fourteen-year-old male juveniles, both Van Nuys residents, and the recovery of a small amount of property taken from the apartment complex. All three subjects admitted their involvement in the crime.

The subjects were detained at Sylmar Juvenile Hall and charges of residential burglary and vandalism will be sought. The case is being handled by Van Nuys Detective Section, Juvenile Unit, 818-756-8371.

For Release 11:40 am PDT
August 30, 1999