Keeping the Homeless Safe During El Nio NR16003dm

January 6, 2016

Los Angeles: With a wet winter fast approaching, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is working diligently to inform L.A.’s homeless population of the pending inclement weather, in an effort to keep them safe and dry.

Each geographical division of the LAPD has identified homeless encampments that are in areas subject to flooding. Officers are out on foot, advising the homeless of the possible flood danger, as well as passing out flyers with locations of available shelters and property storage options. Signs are posted, warning that heavy rain can cause flood waters to rise, and public address systems are being utilized to ensure everyone hears the important information.

If the Los Angeles Fire Department determines there is a predicted or anticipated rainfall within 24 hours, a Rain Notification Tracking Form must be completed, signed by a Watch Commander and forwarded to LAPD’s Real-Time Analysis & Critical Response Division. That form includes the date, time, location and method used for all notifications.

Working together with The Los Angeles Fire Department and the Emergency Management Department, the LAPD is dedicated to the safety of the homeless community during the upcoming El Niño season. Further El Niño preparedness and emergency information can be obtained at the following websites:

The City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department

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Breaking El Niño emergency information

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El Niño preparedness information website: