L.A. Law Enforcement Roll-Out

July 15, 2005

What: Project Safe Neighborhood: America’s Network Against Gun Violence
When: Monday, July 18, 2005 11:00 AM
Where: 77th Police Station 7600 South Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90003

Los Angeles Police Department, Deputy Chief Earl Paysinger
Director, Los Angeles County Probation, Steve Yoder
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, Eric Harden
Assistant United States Attorney, Fred Slaughter 
Deputy District Attorney,Carol Rash
Los Angeles City Attorney, Martin Verannacar
Why: Project Safe Neighborhoods is a nationwide commitment to reduce gun crime in America by networking existing local programs that target gun crime and providing those programs with additional tools necessary to be successful. The Bush Administration has committed over $1 billion to this effort in its first four years. This funding is being used to hire new federal and state prosecutors, support investigators, provide training, distribute gun lock safety kits, deter juvenile gun crime, and develop and promote community outreach efforts as well as to support other gun violence reduction strategies.
The effectiveness of Project Safe Neighborhoods is based on the ability of federal, state, and local agencies to cooperate in a unified offensive that is led by the United States Attorney in every one of the 94 federal judicial districts across America.
The goal is to take a hard line against gun criminals through every available means in an effort to make our streets and communities safer. Project Safe Neighborhoods seeks to achieve heightened coordination among federal, state, and local law enforcement, with an emphasis on tactical intelligence gathering, more aggressive prosecutions, and enhanced accountability through performance measures.