LAPD Alerts the Public on Traffic Education

June 12, 2001

Los Angeles: It is the goal of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) to enhance the community’s knowledge and awareness of traffic enforcement and traffic safety. The LAPD has developed the following educational information. The emphasis is on Hit and Run Traffic Collisions, Staged Traffic Collisions, and Illegal or Bandit Taxicabs.

Hit and Run Traffic Collisions

Being involved in an automobile traffic collision is a stressful situation. However, when the other party fails to stop, resulting in a hit and run collision, a person’s anxiety of the incident can be greatly magnified. The results of hit and run collisions range from property damage to bodily injury to death. In the City of Los Angeles, approximately 40 percent of reported traffic collisions involve the crime of hit and run. The total number of hit and run traffic collisions in the City of Los Angeles are as follows: