LAPD and MADD Produce Website Message to Combat Underage Drinking and Driving

June 2, 2000

Los Angeles – In an attempt to curtail alcoholic beverage violations through education and training, the Los Angeles Police Department’s Operation ABC personnel in conjunction with Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) has developed a Safe and Sober presentation. The presentation is aimed at high school and college students, a majority of which are under the legal drinking age and to promote an attitude that drinking alcoholic beverages can lead to serious ramifications. The three-part presentation consists of an animated segment that explains the legal ramifications of underage drinking, a statistical information segment and a victim’s section, which provides an emotional pictorial display.

Beginning June 1, 2000, the animated segment of Operation ABC’s Safe & Sober presentation was added to the Los Angeles Police Department’s Web Site. By utilizing animated characters and vernacular that is that is aimed toward the targeted group, Operation ABC personnel anticipate that a number of Internet users will be encouraged to view the entire presentation and retain the message that the consumption of alcoholic beverages can have life altering effects.

The animated portion of the Safe & Sober presentation can be accessed from the LAPD Web Site by accessing

For additional information regarding this program please contact Sergeant Jose Perez, Jr., or Sergeant Stephen Moore, Organized Crime and Vice Division, "Operation ABC, " at 213-473-7633.