LAPD Announces Boot Camp for At Risk Youth

July 11, 2006

Los Angeles: The 77th Street Police Station is looking for at-risk youngsters between 9 and 15 years old to participate in a boot camp, to be held on eight succeeding Saturdays.

"Our first boot camp last year was very popular," said Lieutenant Paul Vernon. "The program is for kids who are on the edge of running afoul of the law. Many of these kids respond well to a regimented program that teaches them respect is a two-way street."

Police officers will serve as drill instructors for the boot camp of 40 to 50 youth. Instruction will focus on physical training, instilling self-discipline, and building respect for self and others. Teachers and counselors from the Los Angeles Unified School District will also provide instruction to the youth and their parents on anger management and communication skills.

All instruction will be conducted at Fremont High School, 7676 South San Pedro Street, South Los Angeles.

While many of the participating youth are assigned through court orders, parents may also enroll their children by picking up an enrollment form at the 77th Street Police Station, 7600 South Broadway, Los Angeles. All participates must get a physical examination from a doctor to qualify for the program.

The next boot camp will begin August 5, 2006 and the registration is scheduled for July 12, 2006, at 7:00 PM, at the 77th Street Police Station.

Interested parents may contact Officer Joe Marrone at 213-485-8606.