LAPD Announces Digital In-Car Camera Technology

June 5, 2008

Los Angeles: Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa today joined Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton at the Los Angeles Police Academy to unveil the Digital In-Car Camera System.

“We have successfully used technology to improve the overall quality of policing and public safety in the City of Los Angeles,” said Chief William Bratton. “The Digital In-Car Camera System is another tool that can improve Officer Safety, Accountability, Enhance Training, and Improve Prosecution of Criminal Cases.”

“We support efforts to put cameras in all LAPD patrol cars. We believe the cameras will serve to protect police officers from frivolous and unwarranted complaints," said Tim Sands, President, Los Angeles Police Protective League.

The Los Angeles Police Department has partnered with IBM to equip 300 Black and White police vehicles with “Digital In-Car Video Systems.” Some of its features include a forward-facing camera and second wide-angle camera installed to capture activity in the back seat. These cameras can provide color images and have the ability to zoom and auto-focus. Officers will also be issued wireless microphones to capture audio.

A Coban Digital Video Management System provides automatic wireless upload capability from the police vehicle to the housing unit maintained at the Community Police Station. This system requires no human intervention offering the highest level of security.

Operations South-Bureau is scheduled to begin receiving the camera equipped vehicles in July. Funding for the project was provided through the “City Efficiency Grant” and City General Fund with each fund contributing 2.5 million dollars.

“With a comprehensive digital video management system, the LAPD can find a precise clip from thousands of hours of video within seconds, thus eliminating the time-consuming and costly searches that were once performed manually with VHS tapes,” said Wirt Cook, IBM Vice President, Americas Sales West. The LAPD’s security solution will provide several benefits to police officers and citizens including real-time video monitoring for urban security and protection.

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