LAPD Announces New Features to

August 11, 2008

Los Angeles: Today, the Los Angeles Police Department is announcing a new and improved website with new e-policing features on their website, and satellite technology.

One of the most comprehensive law enforcement websites on the Internet, was first launched in 1998 and then overhauled and re-launched in 2006. The site has grown to 13,000 pages, has incorporated some of the most user friendly crime maps, and has added videos and a blog…setting the standard for police departments worldwide. Its tremendous popularity is evidenced by the fact that it receives more than 4 million page views monthly, including its blog, which averages up to 1,500 page views every day.

One of the most exciting developments is the launch of, an expansion of the site’s capacity to offer videos. LAPD Chief William Bratton’s monthly messages have been accessible on the site for some time, but will now feature “Inside the LAPD,” a weekly television series carried and broadcast by LA Cityview 35, the official cable television channel for the City of Los Angeles. “Inside LAPD” gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the many facets of the city’s police department. will also offer a section called “Solve a Crime,” where surveillance videos of crimes caught on tape can be viewed, allowing the public an opportunity to provide information that could lead to a suspect’s capture and arrest. By employing Google’s video player, provides the videos on a system that many users are already familiar with. Future enhancements may include a feature that will allow the public to provide video footage of police officers doing their jobs as they “protect and serve” the people of Los Angeles.

Another of the website’s enhancements, satellite imagery provided through Google, enables users to view updated crime activity in reference to physical structures and landmarks. Many visitors may already be familiar with the technology because it is commonly used by news organizations worldwide.

Viewing crime maps has also been improved and simplified. Users will no longer be required to input or know a specific address in order to access the maps. For example, those who want to check out crime in a general neighborhood can simply drag and zoom into the area of the city that interests them.

“These latest upgrades are part of an ongoing effort to keep the LAPD website’s services ahead of the curve in the way we use technology to be transparent and communicate with the public,” said Chief William Bratton. “Our enhancements to the crime maps service have the potential to keep visitors engaged over the long term. Crimemaps is consistently one of the most popular features on the site.”

Keeping people informed about what’s happening in their neighborhoods is very important to the Department, and another new e-policing feature will allow both individuals and businesses to sign up and receive alerts directly from LAPD about local crime-related events. Citizens will be able to register for the alerts with their local police stations and the senior lead officers responsible for policing their communities.

Updates to the LAPD’s official website are facilitated through long-time technology partner, Lightray Productions. Advancements and maintenance of are made possible due to the generous support of the Los Angeles Police Foundation. The Los Angeles Police Foundation is a major source of private funding for the LAPD and continues to create partnerships to provide resources and programs that help the Department to better our communities. For more information regarding the Foundation, please visit: