LAPD Announces Partnership with Bike Index NR20234ma

September 30, 2020

The Los Angeles Police Department has partnered with Bike Index, a
bicycle registry, to aid in the return of stolen bikes to their
rightful owners. Bike Index is a free, non-profit bicycle registry
that is available to the community and will help individuals
recover their stolen or lost bicycle regardless of where it is

The goal of this partnership is to benefit the Los Angeles
community by increasing law enforcement’s ability to recover lost
or stolen bicycles. Bicycle owners can voluntarily register their
bikes for free with LAPD on Bike Index, and trusted law-enforcement
users will be able to contact registrants when their bikes are
found. Registering a bicycle with Bike Index or searching for
bicycles is easy – just create a Bike Index account at The only information needed to add a
bicycle to Bike Index is the serial number, photos and any other
identifying information.

If your bike is stolen, be sure to first file a police report by
logging on to the LAPD Community Online Reporting Service website,
accessible by link at Once a report has been filed
with the LAPD, a community member should then mark their bicycle as
stolen on Bike Index. In turn, Bike Index will notify pawn shops,
riders, and other organizations to be on the look out for the
missing bicycle. Bike Index’s free community outreach tools will
assist and complement LAPD’s recovery efforts, and this process
immediately increases the chances of a stolen or lost bicycle being
reunited with the rightful owner.

We are excited about the partnership. Register online today with
Bike Index, or ask an LAPD officer to assist you by providing them
with your bicycle serial number.

Video statement from Councilmember Bob Blumefeld.