LAPD Announces Promotions and Movement effective June 4, 2006

May 31, 2006

Los Angeles: In keeping with his philosophy to better utilize the talents and experience of Los Angeles Police Department Command Staff and to mentor and develop staff to fill multiple roles, LAPD Chief William J. Bratton today announced several promotions and transfers. The movement within the Department will also better prepare it for the future as key Command Staff members with specific Department expertise retire.

“Over the next several years the Department will be losing a great number of personnel who have become experts in their particular assignments,” said Bratton. “It is important that we begin the process of transitioning sworn Command Staff early on so that those Department experts can pass on their knowledge and experience.”

Deputy Chief Michael Hillmann, Commanding Officer, Special Operations Bureau, will become the new Commanding Officer of Operations-West Bureau.

Deputy Chief Richard Roupoli, Commanding Officer, Operations-West Bureau will take over as Commanding Officer, Special Operations Bureau.

Mission Area Commanding Officer, Captain III Michael Moriarty will become the new Commanding Officer, Administrative Investigation Division at Internal Affairs Group.

Being promoted from Captain I to Captain III is Jorge Villegas. Currently the Patrol Captain of West Los Angeles Area, he will become the new Mission Area Commanding Officer.

Lieutenant II Kevin McClure, currently Adjutant to the Commanding Officer, Consent Decree Bureau, has been promoted to Captain I. He will be assigned as the Patrol Captain at West Los Angeles Area.

Moving from his position as Commanding Officer, Administrative Investigation Division at Internal Affairs Group is Captain III John Egan. He becomes the new Rampart Area Commanding Officer.

Captain III Debra McCarthy has been promoted to Commander and leaves her current assignment as Commanding Officer Rampart Area, to become the Assistant Commanding Officer, Operations-South Bureau.

Commander Mike Downing, former Assistant Commanding Officer, Operations-South Bureau, is now the Assistant Commanding Officer Counter Terrorism and Criminal Intelligence Bureau.

The promotions will be effective June 4, 2006.

Four Civilian Commanding Officers within Administrative and Technical Services Bureau will be reassigned to new commands as well. “All of these administrators have successfully managed technical support divisions in the past and will now share their experiences and knowledge in leading their new commands,” said Chief Bratton. “Equally important, the new assignments will allow these managers to gain vast experience in the overall management of the Department, experience that will benefit them in the future as they look to promote to higher level management positions.”

Moving from his position as Commanding Officer, Scientific Investigation Division, Police Administrator Steven Johnson becomes the new Commanding Officer of Property Division.

The Current Commanding Officer of Property Division, Police Administrator Sue Gordon moves to oversee Personnel Division.

Moving from Commanding Officer, Personnel Division to Commanding Officer, Facilities Management is Police Administrator Thom Brennan.

Police Administrator Yvette Sanchez-Owens, currently the Commanding Officer, Facilities Management, will become the new Commanding Officer, Scientific Investigation Division.

These promotions will be effective June 25, 2006.