LAPD Announces Strategy To Prevent Valley Gang Violence

June 19, 2002

"LAPD Announces Strategy to Prevent Valley Gang Violence"
What: Press Conference
When: Thursday, June 20, 2002, 1:00 PM
Where: Valley Offices of Councilmember Dennis Zine,
19040 Vanowen Street, Reseda
Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Department is committed in their effort to rid the City of the scourge of gang violence. Gang violence in the San Fernando Valley is increasing. Year-to-date, gang crime has risen more than nine percent creating terror in various neighborhoods and destroying countless lives. One such example of this, was the senseless murder of Brandon Garmendez on April 4, 2002 in Canoga Park. Despite every effort, the LAPD has been unable to identify the individual responsible for this murder.
While the LAPD continues to aggressively work to solve this crime and combat other gang violence, we alone can not stem the tide of destruction. Recognizing this, Deputy Chief Ronald W. Bergmann, commanding officer of LAPD resources in the San Fernando Valley joined with various members of the City Council, District and City Attorney Offices, Department of Probation, and the heads of numerous other government and private agencies tasked with addressing the various aspects of this problem. From this effort, the San Fernando Valley Coalition on gangs was created. Chaired by Deputy Chief Bergmann, this Coalition is focusing on various strategies to reduce gang violence in the San Fernando Valley.
This Coalition is announcing two hotlines that exist to help combat gang violence. Both of these toll-free telephone numbers operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are staffed by professionals.
The first number, 877-529-3855, is a non-emergency number to report information regarding gang crime. Callers can be anonymous or their identity kept confidential.
The second number, 800-339-6993, is available for assistance to parents, siblings or those individuals themselves involved in gang activity. Counselors are available to assess each caller’s needs and provide detailed information in any of more than 160 languages, on the low or no cost resources available where the caller lives. This service is provided by Info Line, a county and city funded agency. Numerous resources that offer assistance in prevention and/or intervention are available for every family in need.
In summary, together, these two numbers offer tremendous resources to the community. The Coalition joins the LAPD in encouraging parents and others in need of assistance to step forward so that acts of violence and needless tragedy can be avoided.
For further information, contact Commander Michael Moore, Assistant Commanding Officer, Operations Valley Bureau, 818-756-8303.