LAPD Announces the Launch of New and Improved Crime Mapping NR11226bb

May 13, 2011

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Department today launched a new crime mapping system on its website,  The LAPD is committed to promoting trust and transparency with the communities it serves.  By collaborating with “The Omega Group,” users will be able to see Part One crime reports updated daily.

The Omega Group has been building advanced internal facing mapping applications for law enforcement since 1992. was created in 2008 in an effort to help extend the reach of law enforcement by keeping the public well informed about recent crime activity.   “There are presently over 200 agencies live at the site with another 100 in our staging environment being tested to go live soon,” said  Milan Mueller, President of The Omega Group.

The Los Angeles Police Department will directly feed its crime data to the Omega Group to ensure that each crime is reported accurately on the site.  The records themselves are also put through an exclusive data scrubbing process that works to locate each crime incident geographically, to a hundred block.  “The LAPD has worked closely with the Omega Group to provide information that is not only accurate but useful to the public,” said LAPD Chief Charlie Beck.  “Prior to this new partnership with, the Los Angeles Police Department’s online Crime Map feature was consistently one of the most popular on our public website.”  

A link to the crime maps can be found at, and by clicking on Crimemapping in the left navigation.  Once on the site, users can “filter” crimes from a list of law enforcement agencies that provide data to the site, and click on Part One crimes for specific information such as the date and time each crime occurred.  Important links are also provided, as well a feature that allows users to view crime trends and subscribe to receive free Crime Alerts via e-mail when new activity occurs in their area.  In the future, the LAPD will be announcing CRIMEVIEW®Community, a browser-based community policing application that gives the public access to crime data in their neighborhoods quickly and easily. Features of CRIMEVIEW®Community include:

•Investigate Incidents– map out and query for specific crimes near an address, park or landmark as well as within a specific boundary. Select from a query of Part One crimes.  

•Create Reports –both summary and detailed reports can be accessed for export to Excel and PDF formats.

•Search Geographically– standard navigation tools such as pan, zoom, identify, report, print, legend as  well as overview map.

•Query Chronologically– query incidents during a specific time period.

•Visualize Patterns– new intelligent charting features allow users to quickly visualize crime activity and drill down for more information.

Funding for Crimemapping is provided by The Los Angeles Police Foundation (LAPF).  The LAPF funds the Department’s official website and essential equipment and programs for the LAPD, which are not included in the City’s budget.  For more information about the Los Angeles Police Foundation, please visit, or call 213-489-4636.

For additional information, please contact the LAPD Online Unit at 213-486-5940, or visit  Other questions may be directed to Media Relations Section at 213-486-5910.