LAPD Band Performs for Shrine Hospitals for Children

November 29, 2007

LAPD band performs to support Shrine hospitals funds

Sunday, December 2, 2007
7:00 P.M.

Shrine Auditorium
665 West Jefferson Boulevard (at Royal St.)
Los Angeles, CA 90007

The LAPD Band

Every Wednesday afternoon there are beautiful sounds emanating from the most unlikely of places, the Los Angeles Police Department Academy Gymnasium. The sounds are from the Los Angeles Police Department Concert Band. One may ask, “in times of such fiscal constraint, how can the LAPD justify the luxury of a concert band?” The simple answer is that the LAPD Band is made up entirely of volunteers. The simple answer does not do justice to their high quality of music. They are indeed drastically underpaid professionals.

In ancient times, armies used their bands on the field of battle. Today, police and military bands are more ceremonial; or are they? On occasion the LAPD Band ventures out into battle. There is a little known foundation: Californians Organized for Police Support (COPS). COPS’ primary function is to cover the expenses of the LAPD Band. The individual members of the band own their own instruments; COPS pays for uniforms, travel expenses and, on occasion, meals. At times, these expenses can stretch the budgetary capacity of the foundation; at other times, the foundation has some discretionary funds.

Recently, the LAPD Band became aware of a special need in Rampart Area. Within a matter of hours Rampart Area was in possession of some crime fighting gadgets that would have taken years to acquire through the City’s budgetary process. Rampart Area is extremely grateful to the members of the LAPD Concert Band and the COPS Foundation.

Every LAPD Officer on the job today has the steady beat of the LAPD Band imprinted on his or her memory from their LAPD Academy graduation. The next time you hear music coming from the gymnasium or the next time you attend an Academy graduation, remember that the musicians are far more than a luxury or “volunteers.” They are a part of a rich tradition of military and police bands, dating back to ancient times. They are more than noble volunteers; they are drastically underpaid professionals. They are partners in community policing and crime fighting.

The cost is $10.00. Shrine funds support the Shrine Hospitals for Children. For more information call 213-748-5116.