LAPD Body Worn Video Camera Contract Approved to Proceed NR16202an

June 24, 2016

Los Angeles: City Council announced today that it has approved the Body Worn Video camera project to continue as planned by the Los Angeles Police Department.

The decision today by City Council to approve the LAPD’s contract to move forward with the purchase and deployment of nearly 7,000 cameras over the next 2 years, was received with welcoming arms. “I am very pleased that we can now move forward with our plan to purchase and outfit our uniformed officers with Body Worn Video cameras”, said Chief Charlie Beck. This 21st Century policing tool is just another way that LAPD will enhance our ability to keep our communities safe as well as improve accountability. “We believe that use of body worn cameras will help to reduce the number of uses of force because the cameras can affect how people behave when they are aware that their actions are being recorded”, Beck added.

The Department currently has nearly 1,000 body worn video cameras deployed and plans to expand that deployment rapidly now that City Council has given the go ahead with the contract.

If there are any additional questions please feel free to contact LAPD Media Relations at 213-486-5910.