LAPD Chief Charlie Beck Honored as One of the Best in American Policing NR16324ml

October 17, 2016

Los Angeles: Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck was honored Saturday morning with the highly coveted Leadership Award at the Annual meeting of the Major Cities Chiefs Association.

Beck was described by his peers as an innovator, collaborator, and true leader. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti nominated the chief and said, “Chief Beck demonstrated an unflinching commitment to long term community engagement strategies.”

He also celebrated the chief’s approach to policing which includes, “consistent efforts to forge meaningful alliances with our most vulnerable neighborhoods; the steady earnest endeavors by his police officers to build trust; and an inclination to walk in neighborhoods rather than run through them.”

Charlie Beck was appointed Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department in November 2009. He oversees the third largest police department in the United States leading nearly 10,000 sworn officers and 2,700 civilians who serve an area of 473 square miles, with a population of 3.8 million people.

During his tenure Chief Beck has been an innovative leader instituting reforms that emphasize de-escalation and preservation of life. Earlier this year the department handed out for the first time the Preservation of Life Medal, which is one of highest honors an officer can receive. It recognizes officers who respond to situations when lethal force may be appropriate, who were able to deescalate the situation and, thereby save a life.

He also created the Community Relationship Division in order to place officers in key neighborhoods where distrust of police is highest.

Under Chief Beck’s leadership, Los Angeles and the LAPD continue to be the bench mark which other cities hope to reach when it comes to policing, community engagement, and protecting a vibrant and dynamic city.