LAPD Chief Moore’s Statement on the 30th Anniversary of the 1992 LA Riots NR22127ma

April 29, 2022

Today is a time of reflection for the LAPD and the City of Los Angeles, reminding us of our continued commitment to building trust.

In the past 30 years since the civil unrest of 1992, there have been many positive changes in Los Angeles and the LAPD. However, many scars and challenges remain still today.

Chief of Police Michel Moore stated, “As a Department, we are fully committed to continually evolving and pursuing a shared vision of public safety that sustainably reduces crime, protects communities, and pursues justice for all.”

Changes and growth within the LAPD and the City have been exponential over the last 30 years. Evidenced in part is the investment in community collaboration and empowerment, with the most recent example being our CSP initiative working in ten of our most disadvantaged neighborhoods. CSP officers are committed to long-term relationships that improve community cohesion while reducing crime and arrests. Other significant shifts include the increased transparency and accountability with the use of BWV, the release of critical incident videos, and significant and meaningful reforms to our use of force policies.

Also of note is how Commission oversight has been strengthened to include the establishment of an independent Office of the Inspector General, holding the Chief of Police accountable for implementing reforms in a meaningful manner.

Lastly, our effort to increase the diversity of our workforce to ensure we are reflective and inclusive of every community we serve has been intentional and the result of striving to be a better police department. Today, the LAPD is made up of men and women many times more diverse, better trained, educated, and equipped than at any time in its history.

We are fully committed to the tenets of community policing, strengthening trust in our diverse communities, and achieving sustainable crime reduction, all to see Los Angeles as the safest big city in America.