LAPD Chief Moore’s Statement on the New York Attorney General’s Investigation Involving a Former Command Officer NR22322bb

November 2, 2022

November 2, 2022 NR22322ah
The involved employee is retired Commander Cory Palka.


It has recently come to the attention of the Los Angeles Police Department that the New York Attorney General is conducting an investigation involving the actions of a former command officer of the Department while assigned as a Captain to Hollywood Division. We are fully cooperating with the New York and California Attorney General offices and have also initiated an internal investigation regarding the conduct of the retired command officer as well as to identify any other member(s) of the organization that may have been involved.

Chief Michel Moore has stated: “What is most appalling is the alleged breach of trust of a victim of sexual assault, who is among the most vulnerable, by a member of the LAPD. This erodes the public trust and is not reflective of our values as an organization.”