LAPD Chief William Bratton Announces Promotions

October 10, 2006

Los Angeles: Today Chief William Bratton announced the following transfers and promotions of the following LAPD Command Staff:

Commander Mark Perez, currently in charge of Employee Relations Group, will be promoted to Deputy Chief. He will become the Commanding Officer of Professional Standards Bureau which oversees Force Investigation Division, Internal Affairs Group and Special Operations Division. Commander Perez will be replacing Deputy Chief Michael Berkow who has accepted the job of Chief of Police in Savannah, Georgia.

Commander Terry Hara, who is currently assigned as the Commanding Officer of Training Group, will replace Commander Perez at Employee Relations Group.

Captain III Sandy Jo MacArthur, who is currently the Commanding Officer of the Consent Decree Bureau’s Civil Rights Integrity Division will be promoted to Commander. She will replace Commander Hara at Training Group. As Commander, McArthur will be the first woman in the Department’s history to oversee training.

Captain I Kevin McClure will be promoted to Captain III and will assume command of the Civil Rights Integrity Division. McClure is currently the Patrol Captain at West LA.

Lieutenant II Rob Hauck will be promoted to Captain I and will be replacing Captain McClure at West LA. Hauck is currently the Officer-In-Charge of the Advocate Section at Internal Affairs Group.

The transfers and promotions will take effect mid-November.

Biographies and photographs of Perez, MacArthur, Hara, and McClure are available on the Department’s web site at