LAPD Detective Arrested

October 1, 1999

Friday, October 1, 1999
On Thursday, September 30, 1999, at approximately 12:30 p.m., Detective III Richard Ginelli, Serial No. 11850, was arrested by Internal Affairs Investigators for possession of a controlled substance. Ginelli is a 35-year veteran of the Department. Ginelli has been booked for 11350 (a) H & S and his bail has been set at $10,000.

This arrest was the result of a three-month investigation which involved an undercover "sting" operation where Detective Ginelli failed to book a small amount of the heroin which he had recovered during a search of a vehicle which had been purported to belong to a narcotics suspect.

The operation of Narcotics Division has been the subject of a major management review and revitalization at the direction of the Chief of Police, under the command of Captain Richard Eide. This review resulted in an increase in the number of supervisors assigned to the Field Enforcement Section; a requirement for polygraph examinations to all entry-level Narcotics Division employees, including employees on loan to the unit; a review and enhancement of Divisional search warrant guidelines, informant policies and procedures, and the handling of currency and narcotics seized during narcotics investigations. The Department has also enhanced its comprehensive audits of narcotics enforcement activities.

As a centerpiece of the revitalization of the supervisory and management activities of the Division, a new training curriculum was developed and implemented for all newly assigned officers. Additionally, a new supervisory school was developed specifically designed for the supervision of narcotics personnel.

In February, 1999, the Chief of Police proposed a series of tests designed to ensure the integrity of those assigned to narcotics enforcement, including random drug testing, polygraph examinations, financial analysis and standard numbers link analysis. These tests are also proposed for use when the Department has cause, and for anyone promoting to the rank of supervisor within Narcotics Division. Because of the legal concerns with this proposal, they are not yet in place.

The Narcotics Division Integrity Assurance Plan, when fully implemented, will greatly enhance the Department’s ability to prevent corruption and ensure integrity within the entire narcotics function.

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For Release 9:55 am PST
October 1, 1999