LAPD Detectives Capture the Killers of Newborn Baby

January 22, 2008

Los Angeles: Robbery Homicide Detectives announce additional arrests in the murder investigation of 23 day old, Luis Angel Garcia and shooting of Francisco Clemente.

On September 15, 2007 at around 9:30 p.m., Rampart Patrol Officers responded to a shooting call at 1805 West 6th Street. Twenty-three day old, Luis Garcia, was shot in the chest and died. 37 year old, Francisco Clemente was shot several times in the face and body. Mr. Clemente remained in critical condition for several days but is now recovering.

Robbery–Homicide Division assumed investigative responsibility for this horrible murder. Rampart Homicide detectives and gang officers continued to assist them along with other department entities and the FBI. Detectives Dan Jenks and Dave Holmes of Robbery-Homicide Division, Gang Homicide Unit, were assigned as the lead investigators.

In the initial stages of the investigation more than twenty detectives were assigned to the case. Labor intensive tasks such as canvassing, re-canvassing, working clues and other preliminary investigative tasks resulted in the investigation developing at an accelerated pace.

The investigation has revealed that “Eighteenth Street” gang members have been extorting the street vendors in the 6th Street and Burlington area. The detectives believe that when Mr. Clemente refused to pay the gang members, he and the infant were shot.

Several gang members have been charged with numerous crimes including eight for the murder, one for extortion of the vendors and two for the intimidation of witnesses. The shooter, 18 year old Giovanni Macedo, was one of those arrested. The investigation is continuing and more arrests involving the murder and associated crimes are anticipated.

LAPD is looking for 34 year old, Juvenal Cardenas Mejia, aka “Atlas”, and 40 year old, Guadalupe Rangel it is believed that they may both be in Mexico.