LAPD Detectives Catch Rapist

March 10, 2000

Wednesday, March 9, 2000

"LAPD Detectives Catch Previously Wanted Rapist, Bail is Set at Two Million Dollars"

Los Angeles – Between August 5, 1999, and December 22, 1999, a series of sexual assaults and attempt kidnaps occurred in Southwest Area. In each of the cases, the victims, all female Hispanics, were approached by a male Black suspect in the early morning hours, forced into the suspect’s vehicle, driven to nearby alleys and sexually assaulted.

On December 23, 1999, Robbery-Homicide Division, Rape Special Section, assumed investigative responsibility for this series.

On February 29, 2000, Detectives assigned to Robbery-Homicide Division, Rape Special Section met with Detectives assigned to Rampart Operations Support Division to discuss a series of sexual assaults that were occurring in the Rampart Area. At the conclusion of the meeting, it was apparent that the suspect from Southwest Area was also responsible for sexual assaults in Rampart Area.

Within hours of meeting with detectives from Rampart Area, Rape Special Section received a call-out in the Southwest Area wherein a 16-year-old female Black was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by a male Black suspect. Based on preliminary reports, the description and (Modus Operandi) M.O. were very similar to that of the suspect in the Southwest and Rampart series. Southwest Patrol Officers Osmund Bouligny, Serial No. 26535, and Daniel Mendoza, Serial No. 35228, were directed to transport the victim to California Hospital for medical treatment. While enroute, the victim observed the suspect in his vehicle. The officers initiated a felony stop and took the suspect into custody.

The suspect has been identified as William Charles Moore, a male Black, 22 years of age, and a resident of Los Angeles.

Deputy District Attorney Todd Hicks of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office has filed six felony counts with a $2 million bail.

Several other crimes with similar MO’s and suspect descriptions which occurred in the Northeast, Newton, Wilshire and Rampart Areas as well as in the City of Beverly Hills are also being reviewed to determine the suspect’s possible involvement.

It was through the outstanding teamwork of Southwest Area officers and detectives, Rampart detectives and Robbery-Homicide Division personnel that this suspect was apprehended and linked to these crimes.

For Release 9:00 am PST
March 10, 2000