LAPD Efforts on Terrorism

November 9, 2007

Los Angeles: Although Al Qa’ida has expressed a long standing intent to strike the United States homeland, the information currently circulating regarding potential attacks on shopping malls over the Holiday season was raw in nature and has been passed down to the local populace in an abundance of caution. There is no current credible intelligence to indicate impending attacks against any specific targets within Los Angeles or anywhere else in the country.

As we have done in the past, the Los Angeles Police Department will continue to work closely with private sector security as well as federal and regional law enforcement partners in an effort to investigate and prevent terrorism related activity.

Residents of Los Angeles are reminded to remain vigilant, and make appropriate notifications should they observe any suspicious activity.

Residents may report such activity to the Los Angeles Joint Regional Intelligence Center at 1-877-ATHREAT 1-877-284-7328 or by notifying their local police station.