LAPD Employees Contract Salmonella Typhi NR19146jr

May 30, 2019

Update The second Central Division employee listed below, instead of typhus like symptoms should read, has salmonella-typhi like symptoms.

Los Angeles: The Department has learned about an employee from our Central Division, who has contracted salmonella typhi and is currently being treated for the condition. A second employee has typhus-like symptoms but a specific diagnosis has not been determined.

Our Facilities Management Division is working with the city’s General Services Department to disinfect any work areas that may have been exposed and that work is expected to be completed this evening.

The health and well-being of every LAPD employee is vital and we will be working diligently to ensure we are create a safe work environment.

Unfortunately, our police officers often patrol in adverse environments and can be exposed to various dangerous elements. We have notified the Police Protective League as well as all of our employees working at Central Division, about the outbreak and we have further provided them with strategies to stay healthy while we mitigate this issue.