LAPD Encourages Show of Support for Nation and Armed Forces Personnel

October 16, 2001

"LAPD Encourages Show of Support for Nation And Armed Forces Personnel"

Los Angeles: Since the horrible acts of terrorism on September 11, 2001, the Los Angeles Police Department, along with the entire nation, has experienced loss, grief, anger and a sense of national unity. Each of us has searched for an expression of support for our country and the men and women who serve in the armed forces. As a Department, we believe a unified display is the most effective way to show our support while maintaining our high standard of professionalism.
Therefore, the following symbolic gestures have been approved for Department personnel to support the nation and our troops around the world:

The "DARE America" American Flag pin has been approved for officers to wear on their uniform shirt and will be the single uniform item allowed.

A United States of America flag insignia has been applied to the Department’s fleet of black and white vehicles.

The Department remains committed to safeguarding the City of Los Angeles and to combating the fear and incidence of crime in Los Angeles. Our commitment to the community is to do so with the pride and professionalism that have been the enduring trademarks of the Los Angeles Police Department.