LAPD Hits Strength Milestone Graduation Tomorrow

March 1, 2007

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Department broke the 9,500 mark for sworn officers on February 17, 2007. The department’s sworn strength was officially 9,503, the highest since 1999 when the LAPD reached 9,590 sworn.

"This is a credit to Commander Ken Garner and his staff, as well as the Personnel Department for their recruitment efforts," said Chief William Bratton. "Equal credit goes to the mayor and the city council for their support of a 10,000-officer department."

The LAPD was under 9,000 in 2002 when Chief Bratton became chief of police. That year, sworn numbers dipped to the lowest since 1995, topping out at 8,247.

Los Angeles has one of the smallest officer-to-resident ratios of any major city in the nation, with one officer for every 436 residents, compared to New York City with one for every 228 residents.

First Assistant Chief Jim McDonnell will preside over tomorrow’s graduation of 39 men and 5 women from the Los Angeles Police Academy in Elysian Park. The officers have completed 1,035 hours of instruction and practical application, and they will spend the remaining ten months completing their training in the field at one of the nineteen police stations.

Among the graduates were 11 Caucasians, 23 Hispanics, 2 African Americans, 2 Filipinos, and one Korean. The class also graduated two officers for the Department of Generals Services, which provides security for city facilities.

Information for tomorrow’s graduation:

Date: March 2, 2007
Time: 9 AM
Place: Police Academy, Elysian Park, Athletic Field
1880 N. Academy Drive
Los Angeles