LAPD Holds Community Meeting Regarding Special Order 40

May 20, 2005

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Department today held its first working group meeting to begin clarifying the language of Special Order 40, a Department policy that prohibits officers from initiating police action with the objective of discovering the alien status of a person.
As a commitment to transparency and partnership, Chief William J. Bratton assured community members that they would have an opportunity to work with the Department to clarify the language of Special Order 40. Today the first of what will be several working group meetings took place inside the Downtown Metropolitan Dispatch Center. Organizations in attendance included representatives from the LAPD, the City of Los Angeles Human Relations Commission, El Rescate, GUIA, MALDEF, the National Immigration Law Center, Casa Nicaragua, National Central American Roundtable, the Mexican American Bar Association, the ACLU and the LAPD Hispanic Community and Asian Pacific Islander Forums.