LAPD Honors Two Women for Outstanding Citizenship

March 20, 2002

Presentation of Recognition Awards
Thursday, March 21
10:00 a.m.
Crystal’s New York Deli, 18395 Ventura Boulevard

Los Angeles: On Thursday, March 21, 2002, Captain James H. Cansler, Commanding Officer of West Valley Area Community Police Station, on behalf of the Los Angeles Police Department, will be honoring two citizens who are being recognized for exemplary personal service to the Los Angeles Community. The two women to be honored are Mrs. Crystal Plimbley and Mrs. Trudy Klearman.
Mrs. Plimbley is being honored for her altruism, setting the standard for caring for her fellow human being and for taking care of an extended member of our LAPD family. Mrs. Klearman is being honored for her tremendous support of the Los Angeles Police Department.
Approximately a year ago, West Valley Area Sergeant Marty Fentress entered Crystal’s New York Deli for his lunch break. As he sat down, 95 year-old Trudy Klearman came to his table to greet him. She pulled out eight tiny photographs of her late daughter, Florence Gast, who was a Los Angeles Policewoman. They were police identification photographs that were taken in 1952 in her police uniform. At that time in the LAPD’s history, there were very few women on the job. It appeared that the police photographer was having a little fun that day because she had a beautiful model for a change. One of the pictures showed Florence in the typical Hollywood cheesecake pose, smiling over her shoulder and looking like Marilyn Monroe in uniform. Mrs. Klearman was so proud of her daughter, who is now deceased, because she was a member of the LAPD. Any officer that meets Mrs. Klearman is going to get a warm greeting and words of encouragement.
Mrs. Plimbley has become the guardian for Mrs. Klearman. For years, Mrs. Plimbley was a waitress at the Deli, before she and her husband took over the ownership. Mrs. Plimbley had been a good friend to both Mrs. Klearman and her daughter Florence. When Florence found out that she had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, she asked Mrs. Plimbley if she would take care of her mother, if she passed away before her mother. When Florence passed away over six years ago, Mrs. Plimbley made good on her promise that she would take care of Mrs. Klearman. Mrs. Plimbley has taken over the care of Mrs. Klearman where Florence left off. When Mrs. Klearman needs to go to the doctor, dentist, accountant, or shopping, Mrs. Plimbley is there for her. Every day Mrs. Klearman eats her breakfast and lunch at Crystal’s Deli.
This touching and outgoing display of human caring is not to go unrecognized. Sergeant Marty Fentress, aware of the special bond and relationship these two women possess, was instrumental in bringing forth this story of the two Los Angeles women who will be honored at the LAPD sponsored presentation.
Policewoman Florence Gast’s photographs were recently featured in an exhibition of the LAPD Photo Archive-100 years and will be available during the award ceremony.
For further information, contact Sergeant Fentress at the LAPD West Valley Area Community Station at 818-756-8543.
This media advisory was prepared by Public Information Officer Jack Richter, Media Relations Section, 213-485-3586.