LAPD Investigating Woman Who Fell Out Of Police Car NR13412an

September 3, 2013

Los Angeles: Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Internal Affairs Division is nearing completion of a six-month long personnel complaint investigation surrounding a woman who fell out of a police car following her arrest.

On March 18, 2013, the Los Angeles Police Department initiated a personnel investigation alleging that officers from the Olympic Community Police Station were negligent on March 17, 2013, while transporting Ms. Kim Nguyen, who was under arrest for public intoxication.  The citizen complaint was made by a relative of Ms. Nguyen and alleged that officers were negligent in transporting Ms. Nguyen resulting in her falling out of a police vehicle while being transported.  During the transportation of Ms. Nguyen to jail, the rear door of the police vehicle opened near the intersection of Grand Avenue and Olympic Boulevard, and Ms. Nguyen fell from the moving police vehicle.  Officers immediately requested paramedics to the scene and Ms. Nguyen was transported to a local hospital due to her injuries.

The personnel complaint investigation has been ongoing since March 18, 2013 and is nearly complete.  A second personnel complaint was initiated on June 19, 2013, when the LAPD Legal Affairs Division notified Internal Affairs Division of a “Claim for Damages,” which was filed on behalf of Ms. Nguyen.  The two complaints were ultimately consolidated into one complaint as is customary when the allegations involve the same incident.

The findings of this investigation will ultimately be reviewed by the Chief of Police and he will determine whether disciplinary action needs to be taken against the officers over the incident.  Although specific details related to personnel investigations are protected under State Law, the Los Angeles Police Department will ensure that Ms. Nguyen is made aware of the outcome of the investigation related to this incident.

Any questions may be directed to LAPD Media Relations at 213-486-5910.