LAPD “Just Say No” Rally NA18109ml

May 31, 2018

WHAT: LAPD entertains 700 students at Inner City Elementary School w/ Just Say No Message

WHEN: Wednesday, May 30, 2018 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.

WHERE: Plasencia Elementary-700 kids 1321 Cortez Street Los Angeles, CA 90026

WHO: Los Angeles Police Department Officers 700 students, teachers, and staff

WHY: The Los Angeles Police Department presents “The most impacting, educational, entertaining, interactive, life changing youth programs out there!” Plascencia Elementary’s teaching staff had all of their 700 students write pledges about the importance of saying no to drugs, gangs, crime, and bullying. In response LAPD is responding with their one of a kind Just Say No School Rally! They’ll be antidrug, gangs, crime, and bullying demonstrations, prize drawings, hula hoop, dance, and rap contests, music, and LAPD Officers as DJ and doing rap performance. The rally is presented to Plasencia Elementary as an acknowledgement of their efforts in adopting the “Just Say No” Pledge Campaign at their school. The rally is a positive way to help interact the students with Police Officers and community mentors, who entire mission is to positively impact their lives one child at a time. Recent highlighted incidents of children being hurt by bullying and drugs in school has made this program a necessity in the Los Angeles area schools.

Event Agenda: 7:30 a.m.- Event set-up. 8:30 a.m.- Introductions and discussion w/ students about the importance of say no to drugs, gangs, crime, and bullying. 8:45 a.m.-All student take “Just Say No” pledge. 8:50 a.m.-Toy giveaways, Prize Drawings, Contests (hula hoop contest, dance move contest, rap contest for great prizes!) 9:30 a.m.-LAPD Helicopter Fly over 9:45 a.m -LAPD Officers Michael Scott and Officer Aaron Thompson perform their “Just Say No” rap song. 10:00 a.m-Officers drop the mic and event ends.

“Just Say No” Pledge:

“I pledge to say no to drugs.”

“I pledge to say no to joining a gang.”

“I pledge to say no to crime.”

“I pledge to say no to bullying.”

“I will respect & honor my parents.”

“I will respect & learn from my teachers.”

“I will respect & be courteous to others.”

“I will respect & believe in myself.”

CONTACT: For more information about the program contact LAPD Officer Michael J. Scott at 818-912-0561 or