LAPD Metropolitan Division Mini Mounties Toy Giveaway NA11275gb

December 8, 2011

Toy give-away to students at Leo Politi Elementary School

December 13, 2011   10 a.m.

Leo Politi Elementary School
2481 West 11th Street
Los Angeles, CA  90006

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), Metropolitan Division
Metropolitan Division personnel will give toys to students at Leo Politi Elementary School.  Metropolitan Mounted Unit has created the “Mini Mounties” program.  The mission of the program is to mentor kids from low income, high crime communities and take them on excursions to amusement parks, plays, and sporting events.  The primary focus is to establish the essential building blocks to a great working relationship and partnership with communities, families, and most importantly, the kids who are in need of positive reinforcement.  
Santa will arrive in a motorcade facilitated by United State Secret Service and California Highway Patrol (CHP). Santa will hand out a gift to all the students.

If you have any questions about this event, please contact LAPD Metropolitan Division Officer Russ Vincent at 213-321-8732