LAPD newest Director for the Office of Constitutional Policing and Policy NR19308ml

November 13, 2019

Los Angeles: Today, LAPD Chief Michel Moore announced the appointment of Lizabeth Rhodes as the Department’s newest Director for the Office of Constitutional Policing and Policy (OCPP).

As the highest-ranking civilian in the Department, Ms. Rhodes will oversee the operations of the Risk Management Legal Affairs Group, Ombuds Section, Audit Division, Legal Affairs Division, Risk Management and Policies Division, Governmental Liaison Section, and Strategic Planning Section.

The OCPP was born out of the Department of Justice’s federal consent decree and was designed to further institutionalize the reforms prescribed during that federal oversight. “Constitutional policing is at the heart of everything we do in our police department,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti. “Lizabeth will bring the knowledge and experience we need to uphold and build on the commitment we have made to all of our communities.”

Ms. Rhodes will be responsible for the development of LAPDs policies and procedures, internal auditing and compliance programs, litigation involving the LAPD, the formation and implementation of the LAPDs long-term strategic plan and risk management strategies, as well as coordinating all local, state, and federal governmental and legislative affairs.

Chief of Police Michel Moore said, “With an impeccable record as a trial attorney and instructor in constitutional law Ms. Rhodes will provide critical insight for our command staff and more importantly play a key role as my senior advisor.” He added, “I believe she will be outstanding in her role and following the success of her predecessors Mr. Arif Alikhan, also a former Assistant US Attorney and Mr. Jerry Chaleff.”

Mr. Chaleff served as the Department’s first Special Assistant for Constitutional Policing under then Chief William Bratton and was a member of the search team for the new Director. Mr. Chaleff added that “Ms. Rhodes brings a unique and independent perspective to this Department’s policies, procedures and practices, and will provide that important viewpoint to the conversation regarding the major issues facing law enforcement agencies today.”

Ms. Rhodes is a graduate of Smith College in Massachusetts and earned a law degree from UCLA. She began working as an Assistant United States Attorney in 1997 in the Central District of California prosecuting a wide range of cases including narcotics trafficking, racketeering, money laundering, and firearms. These complex cases included numerous violent street gangs, organized criminal groups, and law enforcement officers who committed drug heists from drug dealers and a police evidence vault.

According to Board of Police Commissioners President Eileen Decker, “Liz Rhodes has dedicated her professional career to upholding the constitution, fighting corruption, and promoting ethics and integrity at every level of government.

She joins the LAPD with a breadth of experience that will well serve the department and residents of Los Angeles. I look forward to working with her in continuing to promote constitutional policing principles throughout the LAPD.”

The Los Angeles Police Department is steadfastly committed to civilian participation, insight, and leadership at the highest levels of the organization and Ms. Lizabeth Rhodes will be the beacon in our efforts to improve accountability, mitigate risk, and ultimately continue to build the public trust we so preciously value.