LAPD Officer Arrested for Grand Theft by Embezzlement – NR23695dm

October 2, 2023

Los Angeles: Police Officer II Isabel Morales, last assigned to North Hollywood Area, was charged today with one count of felony grand theft by embezzlement.

The Los Angeles Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division conducted an internal investigation into Morales’ overtime usage from a referral by the officer’s commanding officer for unusual activity.

LAPD’s Internal Affairs Division referred their investigative findings to the Justice System Integrity Division of the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office for filing consideration and the LAPD has since continued to cooperate fully with their investigation.

LAPD Chief Michel Moore stated, “There is no place in this Department for dishonesty. We have taken every action to hold this officer accountable for their misconduct.”

Morales was previously relieved of duty and directed to a Board of Rights hearing with a recommendation for termination.