LAPD Officer Arrested for Workers” Compensation Fraud NR18014dm

January 18, 2018

Los Angeles: On January 17, 2018, Police Officer II Jason Gordon, a nine-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), was arrested by authorities for a felony arrest warrant related to Workers’ Compensation Fraud and Attempted Perjury. His last assignment was with Valley Traffic Division.

The LAPD’s Special Operations Division, Workers’ Compensation Fraud Unit, conducted an investigation that stemmed from a medical claim filed by Officer Gordon in 2015. Investigators worked in partnership with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Healthcare Fraud Division and the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office. They established probable cause to believe that Officer Gordon knowingly engaged in physical workout activities inconsistent with his claimed injury, while on Temporary Totally Disabled status. Thus, he received benefits to which he was not entitled.

Officer Gordon was booked and released, after posting $40,000 bail. He is 48-years-old and resides in Los Angeles County, California.

The Workers Compensation Fraud Unit was expanded in late 2008 to investigate Workers’ Compensation Fraud and other allegations involving abuse of benefits by city employees. The goal of the department is to aggressively investigate fraud and abuse of benefits within the Workers’ Compensation system.