LAPD Officers Respond to Complaints of A Large, Loud Party NR10376mg

July 23, 2010

Los Angeles: Los Angeles Police Department Officers respond to complaints of a large, loud party and as they attempt to restore order and clear the party, an officer is injured.

Just after one in the morning Sunday July 18, 2010, officers with the Los Angeles Police Department’s Foothill Division responded to multiple community complaints of a very loud party causing a disturbance in the area of Cayuga Avenue and Pierce Street in Pacoima.

When the first LAPD unit arrived at a home where a birthday party was taking place, officers were met by a large group of people, estimated at 60 to 70, who were causing a disturbance.  As more officers arrived, people from the party began throwing rocks, bottles, cans and other items at the officers.  A help call was broadcast by an LAPD Air Support Unit overhead.  One officer was hit in the head by a heavy object and had to be taken to a local hospital where he was treated for a concussion and admitted.

As more officers arrived, skirmish lines were formed to begin dispersing the disorderly crowd.  As officers began moving people, more officers were assaulted and there were incidents where those in the crowd interfered as police tried to end the party.  

It has come to the attention of the Department that an Internet video shows at least a portion of the encounter between LAPD officers and those attending the party.  In the video, officers are shown in the skirmish line formation.

Ultimately, nine people at the party were arrested and booked for various crimes including, Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Peace Officer, Resisting, Delaying, or Obstructing an Officer.   LAPD’s Foothill Division received a number of calls that same evening and interviewed people who attended the party and complained about the actions of the officers including excessive force.

The LAPD’s Internal Affairs Group is conducting an investigation.  Part of that investigation will include a review of videos that may have been taken of the incident, interviews of involved parties and available evidence.