LAPD Officers Spot & Arrest Louisiana Fugitive Arrestee is First Woman to Successfully Escape from a Louisiana Prison NR13097rf

March 26, 2013

Los Angeles: Los Angeles Police Department Central Division officers who had studied a flyer describing a dangerous prison escapee from Louisiana were able to spot her on the street and take her into custody.

Yesterday evening, Police Officer III David Kong and Police Officer II Ryar De La Torre were on crime suppression patrol focusing on the vicinity of 5th and Hill Streets in downtown Los Angeles.  During their patrol duties, they thought they recognized a suspect who fit the description of a woman who had escaped from a Louisiana prison.  After some intensive questioning during which the woman finally revealed her name, officers learned of an outstanding warrant for her arrest and were able to take her into custody without incident.

The fugitive, identified as 33-year-old Keana Barnes, was a murder suspect who had been on the run for about three months and on the U.S. Marshall’s list of the top 15 most wanted criminals.  Traveling around the country, she had eluded capture in several cities and even spent time in Mexico, after which she reentered the country and continued to avoid arrest.  Her downfall was coming to Los Angeles where she arrived by bus less than 24 hours before her arrest.

Officers Kong and De La Torre were commended for their diligence by their commanding officer because of their observation ability, attention to detail from the original flyer describing the fugitive and their keen investigative and interview skills.