LAPD Provides Update On Its Reform Efforts

March 21, 2001

Los Angeles – Following the revelations of now-disgraced, and former Police Officer Rafael Perez, in September 1999, Chief of Police Bernard C. Parks ordered a sweeping and comprehensive review of the Department’s operational and management functions. The purpose of this review, accomplished pursuant to a Board of Inquiry (BOI), was to conduct a thorough management audit in order to identify patterns that existed in Rampart Area. Additionally, to determine if those patterns existed elsewhere in the organization and make recommendations for improving the Department’s ability to prevent corruption from occurring in the future.
On March 1, 2000, the Department released the BOI Report, detailing 108 recommendations. These recommendations were aimed at improving supervisory and management oversight of Department operations. Behind the constant urging of Chief Bernard Parks, the Department has taken an aggressive approach toward implementation of the recommendations, which have been incorporated into the Department’s Strategic Plan.
Of significance is the fact that the BOI Report has since served as the launching pad for other subsequent reports and inquiries, such as the Report of the Rampart Independent Review Panel, UCLA/USC Study and the Department of Justice (DOJ) Federal Consent Decree.
To date, 31 of the 108 BOI recommendations have been completed and/or closed. An additional 27 have been incorporated into or preempted by the approximately 160 mandates of the Consent Decree. Much has been accomplished in the area of the Consent Decree. In fact, in some cases, the work is complete. These accomplishments will be discussed in detail within the context of the Consent Decree.
For detailed information regarding each BOI recommendation and its status, please click here.
This press release was prepared by Lieutenant Horace Frank, Officer in Charge, Media Relations, 213-485-3586.