LAPD Ready for Dodgers” Opening Day/Additional Officers Will Be Deployed to Ensure Safety NR12166rf

April 9, 2012

Los Angeles: Tomorrow at 1:10 p.m., the Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Team will play their first home game of the season, and LAPD, assisted by officers with the city’s General Services Police Department (GSPD) will be ready with additional patrols.

The Dodgers’ “Opening Day” game is a well-celebrated tradition, LAPD officers often encounter a minority of fans who arrive at the parks surrounding the stadium hours before the game to consume alcohol. Such behavior greatly concerns the LAPD, not only because drinking alcoholic beverages in public parks is illegal, but because it frequently leads to altercations, rowdy behavior and other unsafe activities.

As a result, LAPD and GSPD officers have been working with the Los Angeles Dodgers organization for many months to create a plan to ensure a safe and peaceful opening day. Above all, extra police officers will be assigned starting the night before the game to patrol these parks, increase security and make certain that no park ordinances are violated, especially those related to alcohol.

The LAPD and GSPD sincerely thank the public for their support in these efforts and look forward to a great start for the Dodgers’ baseball season.