LAPD Reserve Recruitment Ad to Hit the Airwaves

August 11, 2008

Los Angeles: Today the Los Angeles Police Department unveiled its new reserve recruitment radio spot, which will soon hit the airwaves.

The advertisement is part of a media campaign aimed at recruiting men and women who want to protect their community as reserve police officers while continuing in their chosen careers. The spot was voiced by Ashton Smith, an LAPD reserve officer and a top movie trailer and television voice-over artist. He has voiced television promos for most Hollywood blockbusters and for CBS, TNT, TBS, HBO, ESPN and others.

“Of all the things I have accomplished, I am most proud of my work as a Specialist Reserve Police Officer,” said Smith.

For over 60 years, the LAPD has encouraged Los Angeles residents to take an active role in serving their community as reserve police officers. Today over 650 citizens volunteer their time as active reserve officers. They come from all segments of our city including doctors, artists, pilots, business owners and many other walks of life.

“The continuing dedication of our reserve officers epitomizes the concept of community based policing,” said Chief William J. Bratton. “On a daily basis, they live up to the motto of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Reserve Corps, “To be a Reserve is to be Twice a Citizen.”

Two recent special reserve details show how these officers help the City. On April 5, 2008, the LAPD deployed a Reserve Officer Crime Suppression Unit in Hollywood. Forty-one reserve officers targeted special crime problems and quality-of-life issues for city residents in an area bounded by La Brea Boulevard to Vine Street and Franklin Avenue to Sunset Boulevard. Their efforts contributed to a 50 percent drop in crime compared to two previous Saturdays in that same area.

The unit also deployed to Venice Beach on Saturday, June 7, 2008, where reserve officers focused on crime suppression and enforced vendor laws. The combined efforts of the reserve officers’ are most impressive as they issued 227 citations, impounded 23 vehicles, made two arrests and completed two traffic collision reports as a result of the two crime suppression details.

The current number of reserve officers is the equivalent to over 100 full-time officers. Their volunteer effort saves the LAPD over $5.1 million each year. Reserve officers wear the same uniform and badges as a full-time officer and must undergo modified police academy training.

For more information, please go to Join LAPD or call 213-485-4097.