LAPD Responds Swiftly to Wisconsin Shooting at Sikh Temples NR12373SF

August 6, 2012

Los Angeles:  The LAPD responded quickly to news of the shooting at the Wisconsin Sikh temple yesterday.

In the immediate aftermath of the terrible shooting in Wisconsin, “the LAPD took quick and decisive action to ensure our Sikh community was safe" said LAPD Deputy Chief Mike Downing, Commanding Officer, Counter Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau (CTSOB).  "We immediately notified our patrol watch commanders and increased police patrol at and around our gurdwaras (Sikh Temples)".

As news broke of the Wisconsin shooting, the LAPD contacted local and Federal partners through the Joint Regional Information Center (JRIC) and the National Operations Center (NOC).  The LAPD maintained contact throughout the day to receive updated information to determine if there was a nexus to the Los Angeles Area Sikh community.  The information thus far does not indicate any threat for our Sikh temples in Los Angeles.

LAPD officers from the CTSOB reached out and contacted local Sikh community and religious leaders to offer assistance and to provide updated, accurate information on the shooting and any connection to the LA area.    

The LAPD, which just last week hosted a Joint Counter Terrorism Awareness Workshop (JCTAW) for hundreds of local, State and Federal public safety officials, is a leader in our nations counter terrorism efforts.   

Commander Blake Chow, assistant Commanding Officer of CTSOB stated "The training and information shared at JCTAW was directly applicable to the incident in Wisconsin.  “We are even better prepared to respond to shootings and terrorist incidents today" said Commander Chow.  "More importantly, we are working constantly to prevent terrorist incidents from occurring"

Commander Blake Chow will be available today to provide interviews and further information on the LAPD’s Counter Terrorism efforts.  

For more information, or to schedule an interview with Commander Chow, please call LAPD Media Relations Section at (213) 486-5910.