LAPD Responds To Recent Articles On Discipline Matters NR14295an

August 3, 2014

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Department responds to recent media articles that contain misleading and inaccurate statements regarding LAPD disciplinary matters.
The Los Angeles Police Department takes all allegations of misconduct seriously and rigorously investigates and adjudicates disciplinary matters within the bounds of the law. This includes ensuring that any actual conflicts of interest or any appearances of a conflict of interest are avoided.

Recently an internet blogger has been posting stories alleging, among other things, improprieties in the investigation and adjudication of discipline against personnel of the Los Angeles Police Department. These posts contain numerous misleading and blatantly false statements and are based on incomplete and inaccurate information.

Chief Beck was not involved in any way with the investigation, review or adjudication of the case identified by the internet blogger and referenced in a story in today’s LA Times. In all disciplinary matters involving his two adult children who are officers with the LAPD, other high-ranking and experienced personnel fulfill those responsibilities consistent with Department policy and the law.

In addition, as in all disciplinary matters involving the LAPD, the Office of the Inspector General has access and reviews any internal affairs investigations as it deems fit and handles all complaints against the Chief of Police.

Personnel matters and records are deemed confidential under California law and prohibited from disclosure. Accordingly, the LAPD is unable to comment regarding the specifics of any ongoing or concluded personnel investigation.