LAPD Response to Arrested Cadets & Stolen Patrol Vehicles NR17187bm

June 19, 2017

Los Angeles: Last week Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck announced that several LAPD Cadets are under criminal investigation for the unauthorized use of LAPD vehicles and equipment that resulted in two dangerous vehicle pursuits and traffic collisions.

As part of Chief Beck’s “top to bottom” review of the Cadet Program in light of these recent incidents, the following efforts are underway:

1. The LAPD Cadet Posts at 77th Street and Pacific Divisions have been suspended pending the findings of the ongoing investigation; 2. Commanding Officers assigned to 77th Street and Pacific Division are providing one-on-one counseling sessions to each cadet assigned to those divisions regarding the severity and seriousness of the recent incidents and the critical importance of maintaining the highest ethical standards and integrity required to participate in the program; 3. Meetings with the parents of Cadets assigned to 77th Street and Pacific Divisions will be held to provide information on what occurred, re-emphasize the expectations of all cadets, and reinforce the Department’s commitment to the program and the importance of parental support and involvement; 4. All police divisions are conducting physical inventories of police vehicles and equipment and ensuring that appropriate procedures and systems are in place to prevent the unauthorized use of police equipment; 5. All Cadet Post work areas are undergoing physical inspections to ensure that sensitive material and computer systems are protected from unauthorized access; and 6. A formal Inspection of Cadets will be conducted in the coming days with a special address by the Chief of Police;

We will also take this opportunity to examine our entire Cadet Program, including recruitment, training, day-to-day activities, supervision, and staffing, with the goal of strengthening this nationally recognized program, which allows young adults from diverse communities the opportunity to develop leadership, organizational, and interpersonal skills. The Los Angeles Police Department is dedicated to the children of Los Angeles and we will continue to provide positive experiences that reinforce our commitment to building relationships and fostering productive healthy communities.