LAPD Response to Mental Illness Intervention NA16264jr

December 7, 2016

What: An LAPD “Media Academy” focusing on police response to mental illness

When: Thursday, December 8, 2016, 8:00 a.m.

Where: LAPD Elysian Park Police Academy 1880 North Academy Drive Los Angeles, CA 90012

Who: LAPD Assistant Chief Beatrice Girmala, Director, Office of Special Operations Dr. Luann P. Pannell, Ph.D., LAPD Director of Police Training and Education LAPD Mental Evaluation Unit

Why: When a police officer responds to a potential violent confrontation, the difference between solution, incarceration and even a use of force is based primarily upon the officer’s level of training.

Last year, officers from the Los Angeles Police Department responded to over 16,000 calls for service regarding individuals who require acute mental health intervention.

During this unique academy experience, representatives of the media will receive LAPD Command Staff level training including Force Option Simulators and real-time scenarios. At the conclusion of the academy, family members of subjects receiving critical assistance will provide interviews with reporters. At the conclusion of the event, the opportunity for a ride-along with Mental Evaluation Officers in the field will also be available.

Visuals: Reporters / participants will be assigned “virtual patrol” through the Force Option Simulator, which literally puts them in the boots of the officers on radio calls regarding the intervention of subjects of mental illness. Also, interviews of family members who have received police assistance regarding individuals with violence and mental illness.