LAPD Revises Booking Approval and Inspection of Arrestee Procedures

May 3, 2000

Los Angeles – In its continuing effort to enhance accountability and provide the highest level of quality in all operations, the Los Angeles Police Department has issued a Special Order mandating and identifying watch commanders from each of the 18 Geographic Areas, as the only ones authorized to inspect, interview and provide booking approval for all arrestees in Department custody, prior to booking.

The order comes on the heels of the Rampart Area Corruption Incident Report prepared by the Department and issued on March 1, 2000. The Report identified the critical need for greater watch commander involvement during the processing of arrestees and their resulting arrest reports. The Order revises procedures for Department personnel to follow when bringing a person detained or arrested into Community Police Stations.

Attached is a copy of Special Order No. 10, dated March 29, 2000, directing Department Staff to implement the new booking and inspection procedures. The new order now requires all officers, regardless of the specialty of their assignment, to take arrestees before a Community Police Station watch commander for inspection, interview and booking approval prior to booking. During the arrestee’s interview, the watch commander must ensure that the arrestee understands why he/she is being detained, answer his/her questions and determine if he/she is sick, ill or injured. Booking advice can still be obtained from sources other than the watch commander (i.e., subject matter experts). In addition, all arrest reports shall be approved and signed by a Department supervisor and checked for probably cause, propriety, essential information, clarity and legibility.

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