LAPD Salutes One Of It’s Own on Being Selected for Chief of Police

November 5, 2001

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is proud to announce the promotion of one of it’s own, Commander Garrett Zimmon. Today, Commander Zimmon was selected to assume the reigns as the next Chief of Police of the City of San Bernardino. Commander Zimmon’s most recent assignment within the Los Angeles Police Department was as Commanding Officer of Detective Services Group.
Los Angeles Chief of Police, Bernard C. Parks, hailed Commander Zimmon as a model of excellence in the law enforcement profession. Chief Parks noted, "Garrett’s [Zimmon] appointment as Chief of Police is consistent with the coveted lineage of LAPD command staff officers who, over the last four years, have been appointed as Chiefs of Police or to other high ranking positions in other communities."
Following, is a list of Department personnel who have left the Department, over the last four years, to become Chiefs of Police in other cities:

Deputy Chief Art Lopez – Chief of Police, Oxnard, CA
Captain Richard Gonzalez – Chief of Police, Corona, CA
Commander Richard Legarra – Chief of Police, Baldwin Park, CA
Commander Allan Kerstine – Chief of Police, West Valley, Utah
Deputy Chief Rick Dinse – Chief of Police, Salt Lake City, Utah
Commander Bruce Hagerty – Chief of Police, Ridgecrest, CA
Commander Dan Schatz – Chief of Police, Prescott Valley, AZ
Deputy Chief Carlo Cudio – Chief of Police, City of Monterey, CA
Deputy Chief Greg Berg – Director of Public Safety, Cerritos, CA
Deputy Chief Ron Banks – Chief of Police, Inglewood, CA
Deputy Chief Mark Kroeker – Chief of Police, Portland, Oregon

Chief Parks added, "I think these selections from the command staff of the LAPD are indicative of the high level of integrity and community commitment by our personnel. These selections are a reflection of the professionalism and integrity exuded by members of the LAPD, and the high regard that other communities have for Los Angeles Police personnel, and the Department as a whole."
This press release was prepared by Lieutenant Horace Frank, Officer-in-Charge, Media Relations Section, 213-485-3586.